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String Spitfire Puppet

String Spitfire Puppet

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'String Spitfire Puppet'



Oil On Textured Panel

Charred custom made frame


What is an airplane? What do you think?
Well, it essentially allows us to transcend and touch the sky. It is curious that often through crises, humans are able to push and invent such artefacts. Interestingly, an airplane requires a pilot and often that pilot is a human being taking orders.

Airplanes during the Second World War played an important role, especially at the beginning of it German Reich were triumphant with their ‘Luftwaffe’. ‘The Blitz’ attacks on Great Britain spurred Brits to improve their aerial dominion. These airplanes simultaneously became the cause of chaos and suffrage and also the source of redemption and faith.

Human actions and their caused 'footprints' are primordial drivers for Rotten Paradise. There is no good without evil, nor the other way round. This unique collection questions the difference between each other and allows each 'spectator' to assert its own judgement.

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